W.I.P.E Community

Comfortable Space For A Woman

Creating a safe, comfortable space for a woman to connect with other women and make her network powerful.

Global Capital

Increase your access to global capital by connecting with female funders and founders through our online network, events, masterclasses and pitching sessions.

Industry Experts

We bring to you industry group events to steer and advance your career journey with a wise peer group, facilitated by an industry expert.

Chapter Head Program

We will soon be launching our chapter head programs in different geographies across the world where you get to meet like minded women from your area, enjoy drinks and have a fun filled evening of knowledge, intellect & lifestyle.

Mentoring & Coaching

The first step to becoming a leader is to have a mentor. They provide you with continual development in ways that you might not even realize, with personal skills, mindset shifts, and valuable anecdotes. Having a mentor is an excellent way to expand your network – they can open doors you might not even know existed.

We enable this for you through:

  • Shadow internships with leading founders and venture capital organizations
  • Masterclasses with experts on developing and fostering technical and interpersonal skills
  • Exclusive one-on-one with established individuals in your industry

W.I.P.E By Radically Yours

WIPE is powered by Radically Yours, which helps founders connect with investors to easen their fundraising. In WIPE, get a chance to pitch your ideas to us as we help you build a solid business plan and connect you with global funds for fundraising.