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Radical Mentors

Get guidance to grow your startup. A robust mentorship relationship allows you to learn from successful startups without making the same mistakes. Brainstorm an idea, storyline a deck together, work through a pitch and consider feedback from our mentors.

Radical Counsellors

Do you sometimes feel low, burnt out, or get caught in overthinking? Being a founder means going through a whirlwind of emotions. 
Get the right emotional support from qualified psychologists who lend a listening ear to you and make you feel better. 

Radical Ambassadors

If you are someone who supports women entrepreneurship and wants to see a radical change in representation of women in the world of business, join us as an ambassador to spread the word out. As an ambassador, you get:

  • Invitation to meet senior women leaders and founders in exclusive events and galas by W.I.P.E
  • Get the ambassador certificate to boost your resume and social work profile
  • Most importantly, get the strength of being part of a social, impactful and a global mission

Radical Founder

Get everything you need to build your business successfully at the initial stages. From brainstorming an idea to building it up with the right team, we give you the access to the right networks and resources to get you started on your entrepreneurial journey. 

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