Ujjwala Karambhe

Content and Partnerships Manager

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+91 74999 29489




Masters in Social Work from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai


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Ujjwala brings a wealth of experience and passion to her role as Content and Partnership Manager. Having pursued her education in Social Work from TISS Mumbai, she immersed herself in the development sector, dedicating her time and efforts to making a positive impact on communities in need. With a heart committed to service, she has worked with over five NGOs, tirelessly advocating for marginalized groups and spearheading projects aimed at social upliftment.

Her journey has been a testament to her unwavering dedication and compassion. Through her work, she has witnessed firsthand the power of storytelling and partnership in effecting meaningful change. Now, in her role in the creative field, she continues to leverage her skills and expertise to amplify voices, forge connections, and drive impactful collaborations.

Ujjwala’s transition from the development sector to the creative realm speaks volumes about her adaptability and innovative spirit. Embracing the challenge of a new domain, she brings her unique perspective and insights, infusing creativity into every aspect of her work.