Prasanna Patil

Video Editor

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Diploma in FILM MAKING from FX School, Mumbai, ANDHERI
Schooling from St.Xaviers,Panvel and Junior college from C.K.T (commerce) (State Board)


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Prasanna oversees the video editing function in Radically Yours. He is a professional video editor with 2 years of experience and proficient in using softwares like Adobe premiere pro, Invideo and VN Editor. Prasanna brings with him a vibrant experience in filmmaking and news broadcasting videos in a media company called LATESTLY. He believes in creating the best outcome with prior knowledge in creative softwares and finds the work exhilarating, with its sudden twists and turns. With an attention to detail, his videos manifest the qualities of precision and that they are crafted with care, almost like bringing a dream to life.