Pallavi Ahirrao

Branding and Partnerships Manager

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+91 74999 29489



Bachelors in Mass Media from K J Somaiya College of Arts and Commerce, Mumbai

Masters in Entertainment Media and Advertising from K C College, Mumbai


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Pallavi is a professional with an understanding of the advertising and media landscape. As a Brand and Partnerships Manager, she manage partnerships that unlock growth opportunities and amplify brand impact. Equipped with a graduation in Mass Media and a Master’s in Entertainment Media and Advertising, she possesses strong foundation in the industry’s theoretical and practical aspects.


Pallavi has honed her skills in various facets of the industry. Her experience at Kinnect, a leading digital and advertising agency, exposed her to the dynamic world of marketing and advertising, where she gained valuable insights into crafting impactful strategies and leveraging the brand image of the clients.



She also has experience working with media companies like Josh Talks, a thought-provoking platform known for its powerful storytelling.



Beyond her professional experience, she believes in collaboration, strategic thinking, and delivering exceptional results. She brings a unique blend of knowledge, experience, and passion to the table.