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  • Lakshmi naga potluri

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    Lakshmi naga potluri

    Episode 31 of our show, ‘Wiping out the Norm’ is out now! Featuring: Lakshmi Potluri, Head of Asia Business Development at B Capital. “To become a successful entrepreneur, you have to make choices such as missing family functions, PTA meetings, etc,” says Lakshmi Naga Potluri. Aspiring engineer turned mathematics enthusiast, Lakshmi Naga Polturi, embarked on…

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  • Roshini Bakshi

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    Roshini Bakshi

    “Only 12% of the firms in the entire Asia are gender balanced”, said our latest speaker Roshni Bakshi. From Disney’s CEO to Everstone’s Operating Partner, here’s a glimpse of Roshni’s Unstoppable Journey: Having successfully grown Disney’s business to a staggering $300 million plus revenue book, Roshni faced a tough decision when she relocated to Jakarta…

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  • Aditi Shrivastava

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    Aditi Shrivastava

    She wasn’t the first one to start, but she was the fastest one to grow. In the latest episode of ‘Wiping out the Norm’, Radhika Bajoria delved into the inspiring journey of Aditi Shrivastava, the Co-founder, MD & CEO of Pocket Aces!  Alongside Ashwin Suresh and Anirudh Pandita, Aditi embarked on this adventure in their…

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  • Roopa Kumar

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    Roopa Kumar

    Dive into the latest episode of “Wiping Out the Norm” with host Radhika Bajoria as she delves into a captivating conversation with Roopa Kumar, the powerhouse behind Purple Quarter!  Roopa, founder and group CEO of Purple Quarter, wears many hats – from Entrepreneur to Executive Coach and Investor! With over six years of expertise, she’s…

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  • Bhavna Suresh

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    Bhavna Suresh

    In the latest episode of “Wiping out the Norm,” Radhika Bajoria explores the extraordinary journey of Bhavna Suresh, co-founder of 10Club, a brand reshaping homes with its India-centric approach and innovative products. From her early curiosity about the scarcity of women in engineering to becoming Mahindra & Mahindra’s first female After-Sales Engineer, Bhavna has consistently…

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  • Hardika Shah

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    Hardika Shah

    In our latest episode of ‘Wiping out the Norm’, show host Radhika Bajoria sits down with Hardika Shah, Founder & CEO of Kinara Capital, a trailblazer in MSME fintech driving financial inclusion for small business entrepreneurs in India. Kinara Capital is ranked among ‘Top High-Growth Companies in Asia-Pacific’ by The Financial Times and as ‘India’s…

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  • Niketa Sharma

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    Niketa Sharma

    Meet Niketa Sharma, CEO of S.P Motels (The Thane Club) and MD at Keish Hospitality Pvt Ltd, making waves in the hospitality realm! “ ,” said Niketa during the interview. A dedicated, driven restaurateur, Niketa shines in the male-dominated industry. She pursued an MBA from Les Roche, Switzerland. In 2015, she launched The Thane Club…

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  • Neha Bagaria

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    Neha Bagaria

    Neha Bagaria, CEO and founder of HerKey, India’s leading platform for women’s careers, highlights a critical issue: “Women who possess exceptional qualifications, ambition, ability, and experience often leave their careers abruptly and never return.” In a recent interview on ‘Wiping out the Norm’, with the host Radhika Bajoria, Neha shared her journey from resuming her…

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  • Ritu Verma

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    Ritu Verma

    Ritu Verma is the co-founder and Managing Partner at Ankur Capital – an early-stage venture capital firm that invests in disruptive digital and science-led technologies. In the conversation, Ritu shared her experience as an investor, selecting the right startup, working with founders and creating an ecosystem conducive to new businesses. Ritu’s background lies in science,…

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  • Swati Bhargava

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    Swati Bhargava

    Meet Swati Bhargava, co-founder of CashKaro.com, India’s leading coupon and cashback app, and EarnKaro, an affiliate marketing platform. Today, CashKaro has over 18M downloads, is the only VC-backed Cashback site, and has raised $15 million in Series A funding led by Kalaari Capital & Series B funding led by Korea Investment Partners. It drives more…

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  • Bianca Martinelli

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    Bianca Martinelli

    In this video, we get to learn about Bianca Martinelli-Partner Alexia Ventures, who is a highly accomplished operator and investor, and a partner at Alexia Ventures, a venture capital firm based in Brazil. With about 15 years of experience in the technology and startup sectors, Bianca is a leading figure in the venture capital industry.…

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  • Kirthiga Reddy

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    Kirthiga Reddy

    Meet Kirthiga Reddy, founder of Virtualness, and former Managing Director of (Meta) in India. She has been featured in Fortune’s ” ” list from 2011 to 2016 and as Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business in 2013. In this interview episode of ‘Wiping Out the Norm’, Kirthiga shares with us her inspiring journey from…

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  • Paroma Chatterjee

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    Paroma Chatterjee

    Meet Paroma Chatterjee, CEO of Revolut India, a woman known for her groundbreaking innovations and visionary endeavours in the field of banking and fintech. A graduate of the esteemed IIM-Lucknow, she has worked with companies like airtel, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Flipkart, Lendingkart. Back in 2010, it was marked as the start of the fintech wave…

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  • Lauren Dovey

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    Lauren Dovey

    “ , ’ . , , , ”. Meet Lauren Dovey, founder of Heat Healer, a company that creates luxurious next-generation sauna and wellness products. Her products are recognized for the quality and loved by celebrities like Kim Kardashian. In the conversation, Lauren shared her journey of creating a wellness brand that crafts high-quality products…

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  • Doerte Hirschberg

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    Doerte Hirschberg

    “ , , , ”. Her experience underscores the urgent need to address the outdated mindsets that hold women back, especially in male-dominated fields. Meet, Doerte Hirschber, an investor and advisor for climate tech companies at Climentum Capital, encouraging innovation and advancements toward sustainability and climate change mitigation. In the conversation, Doerte shared her journey…

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  • Cindy Padnos

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    Cindy Padnos

    “In our VC fund, we have done lots of things to level the playing field, to open the door wider and create an environment where everyone is welcome”. Meet Cindy Padnos, founder of Illuminate Ventures, a seed and early-stage venture capital firm based out of Oakland that invests exclusively in enterprise/B2B software companies. In this…

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